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Ananké was born from an encounter
between a photographer, an artistic director
and an expert in diamonds.

Léon Piorka, diamond expert and consultant in the Antwerp and international diamond sector

for more than thirty years, applies his experienced eye to give his seal

of approval on every facet of the studio’s creations.

Adrien Dewisme, art director in the luxury goods sector for over fifteen years, creates visual

and artistic territories to highlight the talent of our clients. 
Julien Claessens has been photographing jewelry for over fifteen years, 

including the exceptional pieces of Haute Joaillerie Houses such as Van Cleef, Cartier, Chanel, Chaumet.

Visual stories in jewellery need to move forward from tradition to innovation. 

Together, we are dedicated to rendering the beauty of jewels and precious stones by pushing the boundaries

of innovation and knowledge.

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visual content

jewelry & luxury

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